Transportation is the movement of people and goods between locations. Safe, efficient and effective transportation systems enable mobility and trade, both of which are essential to social and economic development, improvement and advancement. Today’s transportation infrastructure is a complex system of public and private assets, including roads, bridges, railways, airports, waterways and multi-modal facilities.

America’s transportation infrastructure is one of our society’s greatest assets. At CHA, we never take for granted our obligation and commitment to responsibly improve it. 

CHA aims to enhance our nation’s infrastructure, ensuring goods are shipped, safety and services provided, and the economy vitalized. Our transportation specialists plan, design, and help maintain and construct our nation’s most valued infrastructure assets by providing solutions for public and private transportation owners, agencies and authorities in more than 16 states.

Our transportation services include:
  • Preliminary and Detailed Design
  • Comprehensive Inspection Programs
  • Planning and Community Engagement
  • Engineering Alternatives and Analyses
  • Environmental Evaluations and Regulatory Compliance
  • Construction Administration and Engineering Support
  • Federal, State and Local Permitting Assistance
  • Traditional and Alternative Delivery
  • Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)