News : CHA Earns Five Awards in ACEC New York 2020 Engineering Excellence Awards

November 19, 2019

CHA Consulting, Inc. (CHA) is pleased to announce it has earned five awards—one diamond, two platinum, and two silver—in the ACEC New York 2020 Engineering Excellence Awards. For over 50 years, the Engineering Excellence Awards have honored outstanding members of the engineering industry for their design achievements. Each year a panel of professional judges recognizes the year’s top projects for their innovation, complexity, and overall value to clients, the engineering profession, and society.

PV-20 involved an extensive permitting effort and evaluating underwater and on-shore sensitivities to install new cable and retrieve old cable with minimal disruption to bottom soils and water quality.

CHA has earned a Diamond Award for its work on the Lake Champlain PV-20 Submarine Cable Replacement project in the Energy Category. The project removed and replaced seven 50-year-old oil-filled cables beneath Lake Champlain, which connected transmission systems in New York and Vermont. Their condition threatened the system’s reliability and risked an oil leak in a sensitive aquatic environment. While minimizing environmental disturbance, four 230 kV electric transmission cables (operated at 115 kV) were installed using four different methods. The team selected techniques and equipment that enabled them to commission the new cable and retrieve the old cable without major interruption to power service.

The remedial system was installed and operated in a safe and effective manner. While the remediation was progressing over two years, there were no complaints from the neighborhood or local businesses.

The Thermally Enhanced Soil Vapor Extraction (TESVE) and Bioremediation as Remedial Technologies at a Former Chemical Manufacturing Facility project received a Platinum Award in the Environmental Category. TESVE was used to address contaminated soils on site without disturbing nearby residential areas. The TESVE system was constructed with modular components to facilitate reuse at other sites once remedial goals were reached. This saved time, resources and unnecessary waste. The system also allowed direct access for preventative maintenance or repair and accommodated shut-down of specific zones, lowering operating costs and providing flexibility to target areas of higher contamination.

Through revitalized and enhanced airport circulation, amenities and safety features, the terminal program invigorates the market competitiveness of ROC.

CHA received a second Platinum Award in the Transportation Category for the Greater Rochester International Airport Terminal Renovation. The large-scale $79 million terminal renovation program, coupled with a stunning new entrance canopy, builds a more comfortable, efficient and state-of-the art facility, enhances travel and facility security, and provides a more satisfying passenger experience while broadening opportunities for business and improving the airport’s financial performance. The airport has been honored with nine different awards and recognitions, highlighting the accomplishments of the two-year comprehensive terminal renovation.

CHA received two Silver Awards in the Structural Systems Category: one for the Northwest Missouri State University Multi-Purpose Indoor Activity Center and another for the University at Buffalo Field House.

The Northwest Missouri State University Multi-Purpose Indoor Activity Center also known as The Hughes Fieldhouse is the culmination of faculty, student, and community support.

The 137,250 square-foot, $20 million Northwest Missouri State University Multi-Purpose Indoor Activity Center, now known as the Carl & Cheryl Hughes Fieldhouse, is a cornerstone of Northwest Missouri State University and the Maryville community. Its flexible design welcomes year-round athletic practice, tradeshows, community events, and intramural activities. A 300-meter indoor track—one of only about a dozen in the country—encircles the 90-yard turf field. The facility was also designed with a sub-dividable room that can be used for classes, club meetings, and community events.

The $18 million field house houses football practice regardless of the volatile Western New York weather and includes batting cages for baseball and softball and space for soccer practice.

In Buffalo, New York, the 92,000 square foot Murchie Family Fieldhouse is a game-changer for University of Buffalo athletics. After nearly twenty years of discussion, the indoor training facility gives student-athletes a place to practice through fierce New York winters. The fieldhouse holds a full-size turf football field, rubber sprinting tracks, a triple jump pit, a pole-vaulting pit, motorized suspended softball hitting tunnels, and two multi-level indoor filming/viewing towers.

Winners will be honored at the 2020 Engineering Excellence Gala held in New York City on April 4, 2020.