News : CHA is Matching Employee Contributions to American Red Cross

September 11, 2017

CHA is matching employee contributions to the Red Cross. We would like to express our gratitude for the incredible support already received from our employees. We are inspired by their immediate response and outstanding generosity in helping others in their time of need. Your heartfelt actions represent the CHA way.

Hurricane Harvey has devastated Texas and other parts of the Gulf Coast with catastrophic flooding. Unfortunately, Florida and other Southeastern U.S. states have also been put at risk by Hurricane Irma. The American Red Cross is working around the clock to help the people whose lives have been impacted severely by Hurricane Harvey and to respond to the damaging effects of Hurricane Irma. CHA is a proud supporter of the Red Cross and would like to assist their humanitarian efforts during this difficult time. 

Thank you again to all our inspirational employees for your generous support. If you too would like to help the thousands of people struggling with these disastrous storms, please visit