O&R Electric Distribution Engineering Automation

Orange & Rockland Utilities (O&R) has a continually running program that involves replacing existing GOAB switches in the field with motorized air-break (MOAB) switches and Reclosers. It also involves installing MOABs at new circuit locations and circuit tie locations. Upon receiving a list of pole locations, CHA personnel field checks the existing poles/switch locations to determine whether the pole should be replaced prior to installing a new switch, and also make a note of any other data/items necessary for replacing the poles and phasing orientation, and take photos. After field data is collected, work request design write-ups are done within O&R's work management system (WMS) for each location. Each pole requires two work requests to be written for the design and commissioning, each containing both materials and labor. Also, confirmation of whether any existing attachment applications are in place for clearance verification is done with O&R's Joint Use Department. Once the work requests are written, design maps are then created and submitted to O&R as deliverables for each location. A network-shared excel spreadsheet is also filled in, describing the work to be done at each pole location.