Pepco Feeder Hardening

CHA has been working on electric distribution projects with Pepco since 2010. Our work began exclusively as feeder hardening projects, which included field data gathering, standards review, and recommendations for improving reliability. Our work has grown to include joint use assessment, service work, as-built design and underground cable replacement.

CHA’s feeder hardening work has included assignments in all of Pepco’s categories, including SAIFI, CEMI, MDO and Priority Feeders. Our feeder hardening work to date has consisted of 259 feeders totaling over 3,500 miles and over $125 million in construction value. Feeder hardening projects have included the installation and replacement of components such as animal guards, crossarms, cutouts, fuses, conductors, capacitor banks, reclosers, grounding, guying, insulators, lightning arrestors, transformers, and poles. Vegetation management, pole line relocation, and assessment of overloaded transformers also play a large role in the program.

Our field workers utilize mobile electronic data collectors to evaluate pole conditions and provide recommendations regarding the installation and replacement of components. CHA’s team is also fluent in Pepco’s GWD (GIS) and WMIS design programs. Dozens of our staff have completed multiple training sessions with Pepco. In addition, CHA’s power users are qualified to train our own staff in GWD, streamlining the addition of new staff to the projects.

Project Services:
  • Mobile Data Collection
  • GPS
  • Process Automation
  • Field Data Gathering
  • Standards Review
  • Development of Recommendations for Reliability Improvements
  • Joint Use Assessment
  • Service Work
  • As-build Design
  • Underground Cable Replacement