Southeast Newnan Bypass from Route 16 to Turkey Creek Road

CHA completed project plans and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Environmental Assessment (EA)/Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) documentation and permitting for the locally sponsored extension of the Southeast Newnan Bypass from State Route 16 to Turkey Creek Road. This segment completes the Newnan Bypass’s north-south portion, linking the transportation network and providing improved mobility and access to retailers, jobs, and the healthcare facilities proximate to the Southeast Segment extension.

Developed and combined with two adjacent projects under one environmental document, this four-lane divided arterial on new alignment crosses a wide floodplain and jurisdictional waters with several new box culverts to convey streams requiring FEMA coordination and MS4 Water Quality design features. The new arterial cross section ties into the rural 44-foot depressed median section of the Newnan Crossing Bypass. The median section required adjacent parallel curved bridges on common MSE walls to cross over Norfolk Southern Railroad. After crossing, the typical section transitions to a rural section with a raised 20-feet concrete median, minimizing wetland and stream impacts across the floodplain.

Combining three projects under one contract, transitioning the cross-section and using culverts and overflow pipes to maintain conveyance across the floodplain produced time and cost savings. An unforeseen field condition resulted in the discovery of a small overgrown and abandoned cemetery that could have halted construction progress for years, but through a thoughtful and quick response, the team navigated strict guidelines to produce a cost-effective solution that protected and preserved the cemetery.

  • 2018 ACEC Georgia Engineering Excellence Awards – Honor Award
Project Services:
  • Project Design Development and Plans Preparation
  • NEPA EA/FONSI Documentation and Permitting