Asset Management

Our comprehensive asset management solutions and services allow companies to optimize operational efficiency, expedite maintenance activities and connect field programs so you can quickly respond to any situation. Executives can engage through customizable dashboards that include easy-to-understand maps and measures of your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Our solutions and expert advice can help you document and track assets, provide tools for maintaining valuable projects, and are configured so the information is where you need it, when you need it. Our map-based solutions are proven to reduce operating costs and are proven to empower field and office staff, create transparency within the organization, and engage executives so they take a proactive and strategic approach to asset management.

Our team of experts can implement a solution based on your needs and ensure compliance to any required regulations. Clients can take advantage of desktop, web-based and mobile products for easy access to information. Clients can link documentation and digital photos for each component of a utility system, building, structure, or other facility, plus utilize interactive floor plans and facility maps. For example, key information on buildings and structures such as current use, total and available square footage, age, photos, and floor plans will be at your fingertips. Users can easily map, update and report on information while adhering to compliance regulations and adapting workspaces, even for pandemic-related scenarios.

As an ESRI Gold Business Partner, our software development team has experience configuring and implementing all forms of geospatial software including desktop, web-based and mobile solutions. As a Microsoft Partner, we have the capability to host your critical solutions and data on the secure Azure Cloud. In addition, we have extensive experience with the leading industry information models, including PODS and UPDM. Our system integrators are also well versed with integrating our platform with other enterprise solutions including Maximo and SAP.

Neal O'Driscoll, PEFor over 25 years, my approach to asset, integrity and regulatory compliance management has been driven by one primary goal. That goal is to help our customers effectively manage capital assets while minimizing the costs associated with owning and operating them.

– Neal O'Driscoll, PE, Integrated Solutions Business Line Director
Our asset management services include:
  • Geospatial Software Solutions
  • Consulting and Analytics
  • Safety and Emergency Preparedness
  • Regulatory Compliance and Integrity Management
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Field Data Collection and Solutions
  • Geospatial Mapping Services and Reporting
  • Facility Indoor Mapping and BIM
  • Public-facing Interactive Mapping and Dashboard Solutions
  • Building Information Management (BIM)/Immediate Roadmap Projects
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Environmental Impact Analysis and GIS Inventories
  • Data Model Consulting and Implementations
We provide solutions for:
  • Energy (Gas and Electric, both Transmission and Distribution)
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Utilities
  • Government
  • Rail
  • Aviation
  • Security


CHA’s subsidiary companies deliver additional value to clients by providing specialized experience, cutting-edge technology and complementary services. Together we offer complete solutions to complex challenges.

CHA Integrated Solutions

CHA Integrated Solutions is an innovative consulting, technical services, and geospatial-based software firm. The firm specializes in asset management, risk and integrity management, regulatory compliance assurance, staff augmentation, and successfully tailoring solutions for operational improvement and overall cost reduction. We develop easy-to-use asset, compliance, integrity management, and mobile solutions for organizations large and small.

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