Construction Engineering

CHA’s history is steeped in design services. From interstates and interchanges to local roads, rails and bridges, we have been a leader in the design of our nation's infrastructure for over 60 years. To bring each concept to reality, a well-founded design must be accompanied with and accomplished by a well-executed construction plan. Many of the designs of our professionals, peers and partners have been transformed to reality through collaboration and involvement with our construction engineering services.

CHA provides a full complement of construction administration and inspection services to monitor, record and deliver projects. Our team includes seasoned certified construction professionals cross-trained in design, project and risk management, and health and safety compliance. With a culture of "no substitute for experience," we provide our design professionals with mentoring and opportunities for “in field time” so that they can better understand the interaction between design and construction from a firsthand vantage point. Cross-training makes our team collaborative, cognizant and confidently pragmatic in understanding design and construction issues.

Our construction engineering services include:
  • Construction Observation and Inspection
  • Construction Administration
    • Construction Kick-off (Pre-construction Meetings)
    • Record Keeping and Risk Management
    • Contractor Payment Requests
    • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Compliance Monitoring
    • Project Close-out and Audit Support
  • Project Liaison/Owner’s Representative
  • Material Testing and Plant Inspections
  • Permit and Certification Compliance
  • Record “As-Built” Plan Development
  • Construction Schedule and Budget Monitoring
  • Claim and Change Order Reviews
  • Single Source Design-Build
  • Project Safety
  • Quality Assurance
  • Warranty and Maintenance

CHA Tech Services LLC

CHA Tech Services LLC is our in-house construction management organization. CHA Tech Services complements CHA’s design capabilities by focusing talent and expertise into solutions for engineering, program and construction management, owner’s representation, and more. For more information on CHA Tech Services and its completed projects, visit