CHA utilizes steel, concrete, masonry, timber, aluminum, fiber-reinforced plastic, and other materials to design the framework, or “structural skeleton,” for the vast majority of projects we produce. With nearly 200 years of combined structural engineering experience, our engineers have the ability to solve clients’ needs, utilizing creative solutions to design efficient structures that safely support the loads and resist the forces imparted on them. Governmental, industrial, manufacturing, institutional, municipal, sports, water/wastewater, aviation, and communication are only a fraction of the market sectors we have the experience and ability to service. 

Our building systems services include:
  • Structural Building Design (Steel, Reinforced Concrete, Masonry and Wood Framed Structures)
  • Governmental, Aviation, Sports, Jail/Correctional, Manufacturing, Distribution, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, and Recycling Facility Design
  • Analysis and Design of Dam Structures
  • Analysis and Design of Water/Wastewater Process Buildings and Tank Structures
  • Analysis and Retrofit Design of Communication Structures and Associated Foundations
  • Analysis and Design of Electric Transmission and Distribution Structures
  • Substation Design
  • Power Plants and Cogeneration Facilities
  • Wind Turbine Foundations
  • Equipment Foundation Design
  • Deep Foundation Design, Including Drilled Shaft, H-piles and Micro-piles
  • Sheeting and Soldier Pile with Lagging Design
  • Rigging Analysis
  • Concrete Investigations and Repairs
  • Building Condition Evaluations, Including Pre-purchase Evaluations
  • Parking Structure Evaluation and Repair
  • Repair and Maintenance Planning
  • Peer Reviews
Regulatory/code issues:
  • Compliance with Local or International Building Code
Non-traditional or quality engineering services:    
  • Analysis of Electric Transmissions Lines Using PLS-CADD software