Campus environments, whether higher education, health care, corporate, science and technology or military, require a multifaceted system of supporting infrastructure. CHA is at the forefront in providing sustainable design solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of campuses and their end users.      

We provide a fully integrated approach to our services that are unique to campus environments, including master planning, smart building design, facility condition assessments, landscape architecture, civil engineering, sports architecture, district energy planning, and security design. We are committed to sustainable design practices and providing our clients with innovative solutions that embrace technology and best practices.

Our facilities services include:
  • Master Planning
  • Building Condition Assessments
  • Smart Building Design
  • Vehicular/Pedestrian Circulation Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Athletic Facility Design
  • Stormwater Management  
  • Site Design
  • Utility Design
  • Energy Studies/Power Generation
  • Security Design