Utility Infrastructure

CHA promotes the safe, efficient and cost-effective production and delivery of natural gas and electricity. Our team will assist you in defining an energy vision, identifying the feasibility of conservation measures, and working with local regulatory agencies to secure potential funding. Together, we will enhance the reliability of existing transmission and distribution networks, evaluate and retrofit facilities for smart consumption, and expand your usage of alternative energy.

Our more than 300 engineers, project managers, and utility support specialists are experts in planning, designing and permitting electric distribution, transmission, and substation infrastructure. We have developed gas transmission and distribution mains and stations; installed regulators, gas service, and new pipelines; retired and replaced pipelines; produced residential development layouts; and designed utility systems. CHA engineers develop effective solutions for complex projects and deliver projects on time and within budget.

Our utility infrastructure services include:
  • Electric Distribution
  • Electric Transmission/Stations
  • Gas Delivery
  • Linear Permitting